Packet Credential

Before You Begin

You need to have Project ID and API Key

Project ID

From packet, select Project Settings. You’ll find the Project ID there.

API key

From packet, select your profile icon, then select API Keys. Create a new API key or use any existing one.

Create Credential

From command line, run

$ pharmer create credential <credential-name>

Select packet as cloud provider. You will be prompted to enter Project ID and API Key

You can also create credential from environment variables

$ export PACKET_API_KEY=<api key>
$ export PACKET_PROJECT_ID=<project id>
$ pharmer create credential <credential-name> --provider packet --from-env

You can also create credentials from file. Create a file in this format

  "projectID": "your packet project id",
  "apiKey": "your packet api key"

now run

$ pharmer create credential <credential-name> --provider packet --from-file <path-to-file>

View Credential

You can view list of credentials you created by running

$ pharmer get credentials

To view the credential you created, run

$ pharmer get credential <credential-name> -o yaml
kind: Credential
  creationTimestamp: "2019-06-26T08:55:54Z"
  name: <credential-name>
    projectID: your packet project id
    apiKey: your packet api key
  provider: packet


  • is the project id
  • is the api key

Edit credential

You can edit your created credential by running

$ phrmer edit credential <credential-name>

Delete credential

You can delete your credential by running

$ pharmer delete credential <credential-name>