GCE Credential

Create Credential

From google cloud console, go to IAM & admin > Service accounts > Create Service Account.

Then create a service account. In the 3rd step (Grant users access to this service account) press the button create key. Then download it in json format

After that run the following command.

$ pharmer create credential <credential-name> --provider gce --from-file <path-to-the-json-file>

View Credential

You can view list of credentials you created by running

$ pharmer get credentials

To view the credential you created, run

$ pharmer get credential <credential-name> -o yaml
apiVersion: cloud.pharmer.io/v1
kind: Credential
  creationTimestamp: "2019-06-26T08:55:54Z"
  name: <credential-name>
    projectID: your project id
    serviceAccount: your service account json
  provider: gce


  • spec.data.projectID is the project id
  • spec.data.serviceAccount is the service account

Edit credential

You can edit your created credential by running

$ pharmer edit credential <credential-name>

Delete credential

You can delete your credential by running

$ pharmer delete credential <credential-name>