DigitalOcean Credential

Before You Begin

You need to have a digitalocean Personal Access Token


From digitalocean portal, Select API > Generate New Token to get a personal access token.

Create Credential

From command line, run

$ pharmer create credential <credential-name>

select digitalocean as cloud provider. You will be prompted to enter Personal Access Token

You can also create credential from environment variables

$ export DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN=<token>
$ pharmer create credential <credential-name> --provider digitalocean --from-env

You can also create credentials from file. Create a file in this format

  "token": "your digitalocean token",

now run

$ pharmer create credential <credential-name> --provider digitalocean --from-file <path-to-file>

View Credential

You can view list of credentials you created by running

$ pharmer get credentials

To view the credential you created, run

$ pharmer get credential <credential-name> -o yaml
kind: Credential
  creationTimestamp: "2019-06-26T08:55:54Z"
  name: <credential-name>
    token: your digitalocean token
  provider: digitalocean


  • is the digitalocean token

Edit credential

You can edit your created credential by running

$ phrmer edit credential <credential-name>

Delete credential

You can delete your credential by running

$ pharmer delete credential <credential-name>